Wilden Diaphragm Pumps

Wilden Diaphragm Pumps

Wilden Diaphragm Pumps

Wilden Diaphragm Pumps

Wilden Diaphragm Pumps, air operated, Model: M2, Aluminium


   Model: M-2, height 10-1/2in, width 10-1/2in, Depth 7in

   Air inlet 1/4in NPT, Inlet 1in Male NPT

   Outlet 3/4in male NPT,

   Suction lif 18' Dry, 25' wet

   Max size solids 1/8in Dia,

    For Flow to 30GPM

ISSA code: 59.16.01 , IMPA Code: 591601


Wilden Diaphragm Pumps, air operated, Model: M4, Aluminium,

   Model: M-4, height 18in, width 14.5in, Depth 11.5in

   Air inlet 3/8in NPT, Inlet 1-1/2in female NPT

   Outlet 1-1/4in male NPT, Suction lif 22' Dry, 27' wet

   Max size solids 3/16in, for Flow to 70GPM

ISSA code: 59.16.02 , IMPA Code: 591602

ISSA code: 59.16.03 , IMPA Code: 591603

ISSA code: 59.16.04 , IMPA Code: 591604




- Apply to Oil mixing Water

- Inlet / Outlet : 1”

- Capacity : Max .156LPM

- Wetted Parts : Aluminum

- Air Chamber : Aluminum

- Center Block : Aluminum

- Air Valve : Brass

- Diaphragm : Buna –N

- Valve Ball : Buna - N

- Valve Seat : Aluminum

- O Ring : Buna-N 



Apply to impurities Oil ww Sea Water

TZ4 /AAMAA / NES / NE / NE. 0014

Inlet / Outlet : 1 1/2” x 11/2”

Capacity : Max 265.LPM

Wilden's revolutionary Advanced™ Series pumps were specifically designed for maximum performance and efficiency. The bolted configuration of these pumps ensures total product containment while the redesigned liquid path reduces internal friction to maximize output and efficiency. A variety of elastomer options, including Teflon® PTFE, are available to meet abrasion, temperature, and chemical compatibility concerns. The Advanced™ Series metal pumps are offered in die cast aluminum, stainless steel and alloy C. A variety of options such as ANSI and DIN flanges and specialized air distribution systems are available to meet your specific application requirements