Sun Protection for Crane Cab Windows

Sun Protection for Crane Cab Windows

Sun Protection for Crane Cab Windows

Sun Protection for Crane Cab Windows

Drill Cabs, Operator cabs, Stations, Enclosures, Booths, Driver Cabins

Anti-glare, heat rejecting roller screens for crane cabins

Speciality shading for the transportation industry

Solar Solve offer speciality shading for the transportation industry including windows in operator cabins, enclosures, booths, driver cabs, driller’s cabins, ships cranes, marine cranes, offshore cranes and mobile cranes.

SOLASOLV® transparent sun blinds and sun screens have been designed to improve the safety, efficiency and ease of use of transportation and transportation related equipment and help ensure a safe and comfortable working environment for crane operators, improving performance and reducing fatigue. It is their simple and reliable operation which offers the most convincing benefits. Each sun blind / screen is individually manufactured to meet the customer’s exact dimensions and specifications.

Crane cab designers and manufacturers pay close attention to ergonomics when it comes to cabs. The main principles of crane cab design are safety, functionality, stress reduction and comfort, as a basis for achieving fatigue-free, accurate and efficient operating conditions.

Crane cab specifications recommend that:-

“Sun blinds with guiding supports” should be provided as standard equipment


  Better visibility improves performance and safety

A happy crane driver using a SOLASOLV sun screen in his cabThe efficiency of the cab operator influences the efficiency of the crane and therefore the efficiency of the terminal. Less fatigue, greater comfort and better visibility improves performance and safety, reducing complaints, accidents and downtime.

SOLASOLV® transparent sun screens reduce sun glare and reflection by up to 93% to ensure a clear, unobstructed outward view which is essential for maintaining a safe operational environment. Up to 87% of the sun’s heat is rejected, helping to maintain a more comfortable temperature inside the cab.

Solar Solve’s high quality, reliable products are ideal for cabins that operate in demanding environments and harsh temperature conditions, and offer the ideal solution to ensure critical operations are carried out with improved visibility. True colours are retained to ensure visual light signals and other objects are easily identified.

The SOLASAFE® sun blind / screen is transparent and housed inside an anodised aluminium cassette headbox with integral brush strip to protect the shade film from dust and dirt.

The SOLAROLA® sun blind / screen is the same efficient product but without the protective cassette, which can be installed as an equally effective solution in situations where lack of space is a problem.

Spare parts are readily available and we also provide a pack of spare parts FREE with every order!

SOLASOLV® Anti-Glare sun screens on £6 million Liebherr Gantry Crane

The 750 tonne, 70 metre high, £6 million Gantry Crane at the Port of Tyne, South ShieldsThe Port of Tyne have installed SOLASAFE® sunscreens in the operators cab of their new £6 million Liebherr Container Gantry Crane. This will provide crane operators with a safer, glare-free view of the operational area.

The 70 metre 750 tonne crane has a 37 metre outreach capacity and can handle 13 containers across the deck of a vessel.


High up. The operator cab on the Liebherr Container Gantry Crane at the Port of Tyne in South Shields, UKJulie Lightfoot MBE, Solar Solve's Managing Director commented "The Port of Tyne strive to provide the safest operational environment possible. Solar Solve's anti-glare sunscreens help them to achieve this by reducing glare in crane operator's cabs.  Reduced glare can also reduce fatigue which also helps  improve safety".

Julie added "The crane is 70 metres high which shows that nothing is too high to be Solar Solved".


Benefits of installing SOLASOLV® roller sunscreens include:-

  • Improved visibility and safety − glare is reduced by up to 93% to ensure clear visibility. True colours are retained when looking through the transparent shade film to ensure visual light signals and other objects are easily identified.


  • Reduced eye strain − glare and reflection on equipment displays and monitors is eliminated.


  • A more comfortable working environment − up to 87% of the sun’s heat is rejected so operators stay alert and working and safety conditions are improved.


  • Protects exposed areas of the body − at least 97% of harmful UV light from the sun is filtered.


  • Save costs and reduce CO2 emissions - less demand on air-conditioning systems means less power is consumed.


  • Reliable performance - proven track record for outstanding performance since 1988.




SOLASOLV sunscreens in action in crane cab
SOLASOLV transparent sun screens give a clearer, safer view from the cab


    Features of SOLASOLV® sunscreens / sun blinds include:-

Superior quality, high specification components are used to ensure all products are reliable and durable for maintenance free operation. The shade film is very strong, virtually tear proof and is not affected by sub-zero cold or tropical heat and humidity. The compact aluminium cassette headbox has an integral brush strip to protect the shade film from dust and dirt. Optional side guide channels are available to prevent vibration.

Suitable for onshore and offshore crane cabs, sloping windows and skylights. They are effective, reliable and durable.

Fast manufacture - normally 1 - 2 weeks from date of order or earlier, depending on size and operating system.

Technical and installation advice service. On-site consultations are available and film samples are provided so customers can make an informed decision. Installation technicians can be deployed worldwide if required.